What's a Good Prank to Play at School?

s-good-prank-play-school Credit: John Giustina/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Students may want to be careful when playing pranks at school. Some pranks can lead to disciplinary action, so it's best to stick with pranks that aren't mean or dangerous, such as planning a fake group nap.

  • Cups in the Hallway
  • This is a popular high school senior prank that involves arranging half-full cups of water in a classroom, hallway or cafeteria. The cups will have to be cleared before the day can continue as normal.

  • High School Nap Time
  • Older school kids can arrange a joke nap day, with everyone lying down in the halls for an impromptu rest.

  • Gently Pranking a Favorite Teacher
  • Only laid back teachers who have an established sense of humor should be pranked. Those teachers are likely to laugh at things like a desk covered in newspaper, an air horn attached to a chair so it buzzes when the teacher sits or a stapler encased in a Jell-O mold.

  • Bringing Animals to School
  • This is another classic senior prank that is popular for end-of-the-year madness. Those with the financial resources to do so can contact a local petting zoo and have them set up shop on the school football field.

  • Unseasonal Christmas
  • Setting up fully decorated Christmas trees around the school at an unseasonal time of year can be a fun activity that brings excitement into the school day.