What's an Easy Way to Make a Tin Man Costume?


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To make an easy Tin Man costume, cut a square of silver metallic fabric, sew a red felt heart to the corner and then sew the square of fabric to a gray t-shirt. For the hat, spray paint a funnel silver, and attach a piece of elastic.

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Wear jeans or a pair of silver leggings to fill out the costume. The amount of fabric needed for the chest depends on the size of the person wearing the costume, as a larger person will need more fabric. Add foam to the inside of the funnel hat to make it more comfortable.

Alternatively, spray paint two pieces of cardboard metallic silver, and tie them together with silver ribbon to create the top portion of the Tin Man costume. Add detailing, such as drawn-on bolts and screws, if desired. Silver spray paint can be used on shoes and pants, as well, for a unified look.

Add face paint and make-up to complete the costume. Apply silver eyeliner and eye shadow, buy face paint from a specialty store or make custom face paint using cold cream and food coloring. Add lines with black eyeliner from the corners of the mouth to the chin for an authentic Tin Man look.

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