What's the Easiest Way to Create a Maze?


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An easy way to create a maze is to outline a path through a piece of graph paper from one end to the other, adding additional lines and erasing some sections of the correct path to create false paths. The lines of the graph paper allow for a geometric maze.

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What's the Easiest Way to Create a Maze?
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To begin, use a pencil to draw a square or rectangle on a sheet of graph paper. Erase two openings on opposite sides of the maze outline, and make a winding path from one opening to the next. Use two lines to make the path hollow while following the lines of the graph paper. Erase various squares along the path, drawing more lines from them to create false paths through the maze. Ensure some false paths stem from the beginning of the maze.

Continue creating false paths until there is no area within the maze that is more than one square in width. Add a few individual lines if necessary. You can also block some of the paths with short, parallel lines. Write "Begin" and "End" at the openings, and outline the final maze in ink. The resulting maze has only one solution. Scan the maze into the computer, or make photocopies to preserve it or share it with friends.

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