What's the Cheat Code for Infinite Life in "Rise to Honor" for PlayStation 2?

To enter the infinite life, or invincibility, cheat code in "Rise to Honor" for the PlayStation 2, pause the game and then press L2, L3, R3, L2, L2, L1, L3 and L2. Some other game codes include chapter select and the ability to unlock different playable characters.

To select freely from the game's different chapters, enter the Pause menu, hold down the L1 and R1 buttons simultaneously, and then press the Square, Up, Down and Circle buttons. In order to unlock the game's hidden characters, players must first beat the game. After the game is complete, players can enter character codes from the Main Menu. Hold down L1 and R1 and press the Circle, Square, Down and Left buttons to play as the character Roast Duck. Hold L1 and R1, press the Square button three times and press the Circle button once to play as Baby.