What Are Some "Running Fred" Cheat Codes?


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While there are no official cheat codes for “Running Fred,” gamers can enjoy hacked versions of the game that give them "cheat like" abilities. The hacked games are available on arcade websites such as HackedOnlineGames.com. One example of a hacked version of the game gives players extra health.

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The goal of “Running Fred” is to get as far as possible without dying. Players control Fred using a computer keyboard. The left and right arrows make Fred move, while the space bar makes him jump. Players have to move Fred to avoid hazards while avoiding falling off the stage. The longer players survive, the harder the game becomes.

There is no end to “Running Fred.” Players just keep running until they eventually give up or hazards kill them. Some hazards, such as chainsaws and spikes, can kill Fred instantly, even with the extra health hack. Fred can run into other objects such as trees without dying. However, if a player runs into objects enough times, Fred eventually dies.

Once Fred dies, the player sees the results screen, along with his high score, which is the total distance that he made Fred run before he died. From this result screen, the player can choose to go back to the main menu or run again. The game has a lot of replay value because each stage randomly generates.

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