What Are Some Rules for Yahtzee Gameplay and Scoring?


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The rules for Yahtzee, which several website publish and maintain, describing the practice of rolling five dice up to three times to achieve certain sequences and keeping favorable die results. Additionally, some rule govern rerolling undesirable die results.

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Yahtzee divides scoring into top and bottom sections. The sections use each score category once per game except for the titular Yahtzee score category. It is possible to achieve Yahtzee, also known as five-of-a-kind, multiple times in a single game. However, a player may "scratch" it, or score it as a zero, to end a turn only once.

The top section is for scoring collections of the same number, such as the number of ones rolled, the number of twos rolled and so on. A sufficiently high score in the top section adds a bonus to the player's total score. The bottom section is for specific sequences, some of which have their origins in traditional card games such as poker. The bottom section has fixed results for scoring categories with the exception of the chance scoring category, which simply adds the total of all current dice results.

Yahtzee was originally invented for yacht parties by an unknown Canadian couple. They sold the rights to a toymaker, Edwin S. Lowe, who had his company bought out by the Milton Bradley Company in the 1970s. As of July 2015, the Milton Bradley Company is owned by Hasbro.

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