What Are the Rules Used to Play Candy Land?


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Candy Land begins with shuffling the deck of playing cards and placing them facedown where all players can easily reach them. Each player selects a colored gingerbread marker and places it on the space designated Start. The youngest player takes the first turn.

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Each player in turn draws a card from the pile and moves his marker to the first space on the trail that matches the color or picture on the card. If the card shows two blocks of color, the player moves his marker to the second space on the trail that matches that color. The player's turn is over, and play moves to the person on the left. Landing by exact count on Gumdrop Pass or Rainbow Trail allows the player take a shortcut.

Penalty spaces are marked Gooey Gumdrops, Lollipop Woods and Molasses Swamp. When a player lands on a penalty space, he must stay there until he draws a card of a specific color. Two players may occupy one space. In 2004, the rules were changed so that a player who lands on a penalty space only misses one turn, and a drawn card that would move a player backward is ignored. A stick of gum icon was also added, drawing it sends a player back to the start.

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