What Are the Rules for the Standard Two-Rank Mancala Board Game?


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The object of standard two-rank Mancala is to be the player with the most stones at the end of the game. Each board contains 12 holes, six on each side, and two stores, one for each player. Each player takes turns removing and depositing stones into the holes.

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Before starting the game, a player places four stones in each of the 12 holes on the Mancala board and divides the rest of the stones evenly into the two player's stores. Each player chooses one side of the Mancala board. To start the game, the first player picks up all of the stones in one of the holes on his side of the board and, moving counter-clockwise, drops one stone into each consecutive hole on the board. If the player reaches his store during his turn, he deposits a stone into his store. If the player reaches his opponent's store, he skips over it.

If the player drops his last stone into his store, he may take another turn. If the player deposits the last piece into an empty hole on his side of the Mancala board, he captures that stone and places it in his store. The player also captures the stones in the hole directly opposite. When all six holes on one side of the Mancala board become empty, the game is over. The players then count all the stones in their stores and any stones remaining on their sides of the board to see who wins.

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