What Are the Rules to "RolyPolyLand"?


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"RolyPolyLand" does not have rules, but it does have 24-hour moderators that watch what goes on throughout the game. In addition to this, the game has automatic ways to block obscene language from being sent to other players.

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"RolyPolyLand" is a massively multiplayer online game designed for children. The game allows players to create their own Roly and use it to interact with other players. The "RolyPolyLand" world is large, and players are able to create a home and purchase clothing for their characters.

"RolyPolyLand" has its own currency, known as RolyCoins, and it is the way in which characters are able to purchase things within the game. RolyCoins are collected through playing different games inside of the "RolyPolyLand" world. Players are also able to collect these coins by giving tours.

A player is not able to use their RolyCoins until he gets a membership for the game. Players are able to create a Roly and play the games within the world when he is not a member, but a player is unable to get new outfits for his Roly, travel to different parts of the game world, raise a baby or purchase furniture and houses without first getting a membership.

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