What Are the Rules for Playing Tank Trouble SWF?

What Are the Rules for Playing Tank Trouble SWF?

"Tank Trouble SWF" doesn't list any rules before or during game play, but in the game, the player controls a tank in a maze and attempts to shoot enemy tanks. When a shot hits a tank, it explodes and that player loses.

"Tank Trouble SWF" is available on TankTroubleSWF3.com, as of 2015. The game has one-player, two-player and three-player options. The one-player option matches the player against the computer, named Laika. Two- and three-player games have each player controlling a tank on the same computer.

Player One's tank is red, Player Two's tank is green and Player Three's tank is blue. In one-player games, Laika's tank is black.

Controls allow the player to rotate the tank left and right, accelerate, reverse and fire the tank's cannon. The tank fires a small black ball that bounces off walls, and it can fire multiple shots in a row. The game uses keyboard controls that it displays before each match. For three-player games, Player Three controls his tank with the mouse.

Once all tanks except one explode, the surviving player scores one point. However, that player must stay alive for a brief period of time to receive the point. If his tank explodes, no one gets a point for that match.

Mazes and starting points for the tanks vary. The game offers several weapon power-up options. Power-up icons appear on the map, and the player uses them by driving over them.