What Are the Rules in Playing "Mancala"?


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There are many variations of Mancala. The following rules are for the two rank, or kalah, version of Mancala. The game begins with each player depositing four pieces into each one of the six holes located on their side of the board.

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The first player chooses one of the holes on his side of the board. While moving counter clockwise, the player deposits one piece into each hole until he has no pieces in his hand. If a player places the last Mancala piece into his own "pocket," then that player gets a free turn. If, while depositing the pieces counterclockwise, the player arrives at his opponent's pocket, heshould skip it and continue to the next hole. If a player places the final Mancala piece into an empty hole on his side of the board, then the player captures that piece and the pieces in the hole opposite from that one.

These captured pieces are then placed into the player's pocket. The game ends when there are no more Mancala pieces in any of the six holes on one side of the board. The remaining Mancala pieces are then placed into the pocket of the player whose side the pieces occupied.

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