What Are the Rules for Playing GTA Online?


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The rules for "Grand Theft Auto Online" involve the etiquette of interacting with other players and their in-game properties. Players who behave poorly are labeled "Bad Sports" and may suffer reduced in-game opportunities.

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In "Grand Theft Auto Online," players create their own characters and acquire possessions such as cars, guns and houses over the course of the game. The gameplay of "Grand Theft Auto Online" allows and encourages players to battle each other for fun or potential rewards. However, unprovoked attacks on other players and their property earns players the title of "Bad Sport." Bad Sports are forced to play with other Bad Sports until they have proven themselves worthy of engaging with more responsible players. Conversely, players who play responsibly for a consistent period of time are labeled "Good Sports," which earns them additional privileges.

In addition to destroying in-game property, players can also be penalized for poor social behavior, such as name-calling and using profane language. If one player is behaving poorly in any way, other players are allowed to report that player's conduct, which potentially earns them the Bad Sport penalty.

"Grand Theft Auto Online" is available for download through all versions of "Grand Theft Auto V," which is available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC, as of 2015.

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