What Are the Rules for Playing Double-Twelve Dominoes?

While no specific or official Double-Twelve Dominoes game exists, Mexican Train utilizes double-twelve domino sets and starts with a 12-end domino upon which players build the longest "train" possible by matching ends of dominoes. Game play begins with the players abutting the beginning of their train with a double-twelve domino placed in the center of the table.

A twelve-ended domino can also be placed on the side of the table to form the "Mexican train." Progressing clockwise, each player chooses to start their own personal train or add on to the Mexican train with an end-matching domino.

Dominoes that could not be used in the personal train should be placed on the table in what is called the train yard. After the initial round of play, if players are unable to play from dominoes in their train yard, they may draw a domino. If they are still unable to play, the player places a marker at the end of their train so that others may still add on to their train if they are able.

Place doubles perpendicular to the personal train. After playing a double, players must play another domino. If they are unable to play another domino, they must draw. If the drawn domino cannot be played, that player's turn ends. Subsequent players must play the double before adding to any other trains. If they are unable, they must place a marker at the end of their train. When playing multiple doubles, they must be satisfied in the order they were played.

When only one domino remains in a player's train yard, they tap the domino on the table notifying other players that they have only one remaining domino. Game play ends when a player runs out of dominoes, or when the game becomes stalled.