What Are the Rules for Playing the "Cut the Rope" Game?


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The rules for playing the game "Cut the Rope" dictate that the player must sever various ropes on each level to cause encapsulated candies to fall into the mouth of the hungry monster. If the candy falls off the stage, then the player fails the level and must restart.

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Each version of the game "Cut the Rope" utilizes different themes and special items, but follows the same basic rules and mechanics. At the start of each level, the player is presented with different amounts of candy sitting in bubbles attached to ropes. The player must cut these ropes, using a mouse click on Web versions or a swipe on mobile versions, and click or tap on the candy to pop the bubble. The goal of each level is to get the candy to fall into the mouth of Om Nom, the geedy monster sitting at the bottom of the screen.

Some levels incorporate different obstacles and features to add to the strategic element of the game. For example, a level may include moving bubbles that need to have their ropes cut within a certain amount of time before they move too far away from Om Nom. Each level also includes stars to collect that increase the overall score of the level.

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