What Are the Rules for Playing "Candy Crush''?


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The rules for playing "Candy Crush" involve switching the positions of colored candy to make lines of at least three matching pieces. "Candy Crush" awards special candies with extra abilities for making lines of more than three pieces. The game increases in difficulty each level, introducing obstacles such as jelly, which can only be removed by matching the candy below.

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At the beginning of the game, rows and columns of candy appear, and moves are available by switching the positions of two pieces of candy. After a set of at least three pieces is completed, the candy disappears and the rows or column above shift down, introducing more candy and providing additional moves. Each matching set is worth points, the value of which varies based on row length or the use of special candies, including striped and wrapped pieces.

Special pieces can be combined to use potent effects, such as clearing entire rows and columns. This can often be effective when there are no clear moves on the board.

Jelly is one of the most common obstacles in "Candy Crush," and must be removed when it appears. Jelly squares have a different color than normal squares, and can be removed by making rows of the candy in the jelly.

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