What Are the Rules for Playing Bunco, and How Is It Scored?


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In Bunco, players rotate between tables and roll dice, trying to roll the same number as the number of the round. Players earn one point for each match, and tally their points at the end of each round.

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During Bunco, one table is designated as the head table. Players at each table roll three dice, and keep rolling until they score no points. They then pass to the player to the left. If a player rolls three of the same number of a round (for example, rolling three twos in the second round), he has rolled a Bunco, which is worth 21 points. The player must call out "Bunco!" in order to receive the points. If a player rolls three of the same number that do not match the round number, he earns five points. When the players at the head table earn a total of 21 points, the round ends, signaled by a player at the head table ringing a bell. At the end of the round, players change tables.

The game ends after the sixth round. The players may decide to designate several winners, such as players with the highest score, players with the most Buncos or players with the most losses.

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