What Are the Rules for the Parker Brothers' Board Game "Conflict"?


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"Conflict" is a war game that can be completed with two, three or four players. The game comes with 48 miniatures that are divided by color and given to the players. Each player should have 12 miniatures: one anti-aircraft gun, two planes, four artillery and five battleships. Players can only have eight pieces in play at the start of the game. The remaining four are kept as reserves.

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Players set up in a corner of the board. The object of the game is to roll the two dice and then move pieces around the board to capture other players' pieces and invade their territory without getting pieces captured by other players. Pieces are limited in their movements based on the type of piece. A battleship may only move on water. Anti-aircraft and artillery pieces can only move on land. Airplanes can move on either land or water.

Rolling a double allows the player to take another turn. Rolling a seven allows the player to bring a piece into play from the reserve. To capture another player's piece, the player must play over the piece. To capture a home space, the player must roll the exact amount necessary to move a piece into the other player's home space. The first player to capture all of the other player's pieces or home spaces wins.

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