What Are the Rules for Outdoor Shuffleboard?

rules-outdoor-shuffleboard Credit: Huntstock/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Outdoor shuffleboard uses long-handled cues and 6-inch discs on a 52- x 6-foot court. The court is marked into opposite shooting areas, "off" areas and sections that are scored between seven to 10 points. Players aim the disc into a scoring area or try to knock opponents out of place.

The first player starts in a shooting area on an end of the court and places his disc in the 10-point "off" area. The player then uses his cue to slide the disc toward the opposite scoring area, but he cannot leave the shooting area. Each opponent alternates shots, and each player has four discs. When all four discs have been shot by each opponent, the first round ends and any points earned are added. Discs must be completely in a scoring section if they are to be counted, and any discs that have been knocked out of a scoring section by the other player do not count.

Any discs that land in the "off" areas are considered negative points. Each "off" area corresponds with the scoring section it is near, so the points deducted vary between seven and 10. Any time the player steps out of the shooting area or shoots a disc into the side of the court, another 10 points is deducted. The second round begins after the points are tallied. Long games are won by the first player to reach 100 points, while short games are played to 50 points.