What Are the Rules to the Monopoly Board Game?


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In the game of Monopoly, players try to become wealthy through the ownership property, causing other players to pay rent to them. Players take turns moving around the game board to purchase and trade property. Up to eight players can play the game.

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What Are the Rules to the Monopoly Board Game?
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Each player starts the game with $1,500. At the start, players roll a set of two six-sided dice; the highest number goes first. Then, each player in turn rolls the die and moves his token the number of spaces indicated by the dice, starting at the Go square.

When a player lands on a square with property, he has the option to buy it and receive the deed. If the player opts out of purchase, any player can bid on it, with the sale going to the highest bidder. After a player has bought all the property of a given color, houses can be built. Houses and hotels increase the rent value of the property. Anytime a player lands on property owned by another player, the owner receives rent. If the player goes to Jail, rent is still collected.

When a player loses all his money or ends up owing more money than the value of owned properties, bankruptcy occurs, which takes the player out of the game.

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