What Are the Rules for Monopoly?


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The central goal of Monopoly is to accumulate as much wealth as possible, mostly by purchasing territory and charging rent. Players can opt to play until one reaches a predetermined amount of money, until one goes bankrupt or until all but one goes bankrupt.

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What Are the Rules for Monopoly?
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A Monopoly board, game pieces, two dice, property deeds and fake money are needed to play the game. There should also be 32 houses and 12 hotels.

At the outset of each new game, players must select a banker. The banker plays along normally with the others, but also manages the bank's funds and property deeds separately from his own materials.

Players then select a game piece to represent them on the board, and they take turns rolling the dice and moving their pieces, starting with the banker. If a player rolls doubles, he may go again, but if he rolls three doubles in a row he goes to jail.

Each player starts with $1,500. When a player lands on a property that is not owned, he can opt to buy the deed. Other players must then pay rent when they land on it. Rent increases for each house and hotel the player opts to build on the space and doubles if the player holds all the deeds of that particular color.

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