What Are the Rules to the Microsoft "FreeCell" Game?

What Are the Rules to the Microsoft "FreeCell" Game?

The point of FreeCell is to make four 13 card stacks that are divided into each suit. Each stack must begin with the lowest card, the ace, and move up sequentially to the highest card, the king.

There are two sets of four cells in the game. The cells are locations where players can lay cards. In the upper left part of the screen are four free cells. A player can place any single card into one of these free cells. In the upper right portion of the screen are the home cells, which can only house the four stacks of cards in sequential order, with one stack per suit.

The player can move cards around in the stacks below the cells in order to find appropriate cards to place in the home cells. There are two rules to follow when moving cards from one stack to another. The cards must be alternating from red to black and they must be in descending order. For example, if a player has the six of diamonds, they can only place it on a seven of clubs or spades.

The number of cards that a player can move at a time decreases depending on the number of cards that sit within the free cells.

Once all of the cards are in the home cells, the player wins, but if the player runs out of moves to make, then he loses.