What Are the Rules for Marble Solitaire?

In marble solitaire, the player jumps marbles over each other into existing spaces with the goal to eliminate all the marbles from the playing board except one. Most marble solitaire game sets contain playing boards with 33 spaces and 32 marbles, which means 31 marbles must be eliminated to win the game.

Also called peg solitaire when played with wooden or plastic pegs, marble solitaire boards look different depending on the geographical origins of the game and the manufacturer. Marbles can be arranged in various shapes, including crosses, circles, diamonds, triangles and stars.

The player sets up the board by filling all of the divots with marbles except for the center space. They start game play by jumping one of the marbles into that central divot. The player can only jump into an empty space, and they cannot jump multiple marbles at once. When a marble is jumped, that marble is removed from the board.

Game play ends when the player is not able to make another move. This usually occurs because the remaining marbles are too far away from each other to be jumped. The player scores their game by counting the remaining marbles on the board.