What Are the Rules to LCR?

LCR, or Left Center Right, is a dice game that must be played with three specially marked dice and several chips, which can be substituted with quarters. The dice are six-sided and have "L" on one side, "C" on another, "R" on a third and dots on the remaining three sides. Each player begins the game with three chips. At the game's start, each player rolls all three dice.

Each die represents one of the player's three chips. If the player rolls an L, C or R, the player has to pass a chip to another player in that direction. If the player rolls a dot, the player gets to keep the chip for that die. Once a player is out of chips, the player cannot take a turn until more chips are passed. When more chips are passed to the player, the person must resume rolling the dice when it's their turn. Players can only roll dice for the amount of chips in the person's possession. If a player has two chips, only two dice can be rolled. The game is played until only one player has chips, and the last player that still has chips is the winner.