What Are the Rules for "Keyboard Climber?"?

What Are the Rules for "Keyboard Climber?"?

In "Keyboard Climber," the monkey jumps up one platform each time the player presses the key on that platform. If the player presses the incorrect key, the monkey falls. The game is available on the games section of TVOKids.com, as of July 2015.

Visitors to the TVOKids.com homepage should click on Ages 11 and under. They should then click on Games, and the JKL button to view games starting with those letters, including "Keyboard Climber."

Platforms on the left side of the screen have letters on the left side of the keyboard, while platforms on the right side have letters on that side of the keyboard. The game has a distance meter that tracks how high the monkey has jumped. Each jump equals 100 meters.

The first level is set in a forest. The player reaches level two, which has a sky setting at 2,500 meters. He reaches level three, which is set in space at 7,500 meters. The monkey wears an astronaut helmet in that level. Once the player reaches 15,000 meters, he completes the game.

If the player presses an incorrect key, a coconut falls on the monkey's head, and it falls down to the beginning of that level. If the monkey remains on a platform for too long, the platform starts flashing and disappears. Once it disappears, the monkey falls.