What Are the Rules of Hand and Foot Canasta?


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Pagat.com has rules for several variations of Hand and Foot Canasta, including Partnership Hand and Foot for Four Players and Steve Simpson's Hand and Foot. The game variations differ by scoring mechanisms and the amount of cards that are dealt.

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Steve Simpson's Hand and Foot is a simple variation of the game that is played with two or more players. Players need one more deck of cards than the number of people playing, and all the cards are shuffled and placed in two piles.

Each player picks up approximately 22 cards from either of the two piles and deals the cards into two piles of 11 cards each. A player who picks up exactly 22 cards gets 100 bonus points. If he picks up more or less than 22 cards, he picks up or returns cards until 22 remain. The left-hand pile of 11 cards is the player's hand, and the player picks up this pile. The right-hand pile of 11 cards is passed to the player on his right, which becomes the other player's foot.

The goal of the game is to get the most points after four rounds. On each round, each player tries to get rid of all his cards and get the most points using various combinations.

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