What Are the Rules for Ghost in the Graveyard?


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In order to play Ghost in the Graveyard, players have to pick someone to be the Ghost. Next, they have to pick a base. The person who is the Ghost hides, and everyone else tries to find him. Whoever finds the Ghost's hiding spot first yells "Ghost in the Graveyard!"

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The person who finds the Ghost first is safe, but all of the other players have to rush back to base as quickly as they can. The Ghost attempts to tag someone before he makes it safely back to the base. If the Ghost successfully tags someone before he makes it to the base, that person becomes the new Ghost. If the Ghost fails to make it back to base in time, he resumes the role of Ghost for the next round.

If someone mistakenly calls "Ghost in the Graveyard" without actually finding the Ghost, that player automatically becomes the new Ghost. Most people prefer to play this game at dark because it adds an extra layer of excitement and suspense. Ghost in the Graveyard is suitable for people of all ages and can be played whether just as easily with either a large group of people or just a few players.

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