What Are the Rules for the "Garfield's Halloween Haunted House" Game?


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While there is no official game entitled Garfield's Halloween Haunted House, there is a game called “Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt” that takes place in a haunted house. The rules for this game require players to search for hidden objects while keeping Garfield's scare meter from getting too high. The game is available to play for free on Garfield.com.

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The goal of “Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt” is to find food objects that are scattered around a haunted house. Players must find keys and solve puzzles to find the food. There are seven food items that range from sour cream donuts to chocolate chip muffins.

Players use either a computer keyboard and mouse or just a mouse to control Garfield. If they use just a mouse, they have to use the on-screen directional areas to control Garfield's movements. Using both the keyboard and mouse allows players to move Garfield using the arrow keys. With either setup, players have to use a mouse to interact with objects.

Sometimes clicking on objects makes monsters come out or causes objects to fall, which scare Garfield and make his scare meter rise. Clicking on objects that don't scare him make the meter fall. For example, finding a key for a locked door makes him happy and less scared.

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