What Are the Rules to the Game "Sugar, Sugar"?


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The rules for the free online physics puzzle game "Sugar, Sugar" require the player to draw lines in each level to fill designated cups with falling sugar. Once the cup collects a certain amount of sugar, displayed by a decreasing number starting at 100, the level is complete.

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The game "Sugar, Sugar" requires the player to utilize puzzle game and strategy game elements to solve each level. The game also uses a simple physics concept with the falling sugar. At the start of each level, a stream of sugar falls down from the comma in the game's title, simulating the way items fall under the force of gravity. When the player draws a line on the game area, any sugar that touches it responds according to the laws of physics. For example, if the player draws a flat horizontal line, the sugar simply piles up on top of it. However, if the player draws a slanted line, the sugar flows down at an angle.

The player must use these concepts in conjunction with the drawing mechanic to fill the cups with sugar and progress to the next level. In terms of strategy, the player must work around various environmental obstacles and contend with multiple cups on certain levels. The user is also unable to erase a line, which means that in some cases she may need to start the level over.

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