What Are the Rules of the Game Stick Run?


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Published by Nekki, Stick Run is a game that allows a user to direct a stick figure through a series of obstacles. The rules are to advance the stick figure character forward as far as possible in the game without dying.

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Stick Run is a side-scrolling adventure game that was developed for mobile platforms only. It involves advancing a stick figure character through ten levels of deadly obstacles, including panes of glass, rotating blades and stacks of crates. The levels are randomly generated in the game, thereby ensuring that the user doesn't know what is coming next on the screen. The controls only allow the user to move their character forward, backward or jump. In some instances, jumping two or three times in succession is necessary to pass a level.

There are a variety of other additional elements to the game to keep it feeling fresh for the user. These include finding power-ups, obtaining a multitude of achievements, striving for a high score, international leader boards, and the availability of in-game currency and purchase of premium items. Some of these perks change the rules of the game slightly, giving the user's character an advantage within the game for a short time.

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