What Are the Rules for the Game "Spider Solitaire?"?


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Spider solitaire is played with two decks of cards arranged in 10 columns, with the top card in each column positioned face up. Extra cards are placed aside for a draw pile. The object of the game is to remove all cards from game play with the fewest possible moves.

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Cards are removed once a complete column is built in sequential order. Sequentially-ordered columns are built in descending order from king to ace. For advanced play, all cards in a column must match the same suit. Spider solitaire players begin the game with 500 points. One point is subtracted for every move made.

Cards are moved either individually or as sequentially-ordered groups from column to column. When no more moves are possible, players pull from the draw pile to build a new row. It is important that players uncover column cards early in the game. When a sequence is removed from its column, the next card in the column is overturned. Once a column is entirely empty, this clear space is available for a king card or a sequential-run beginning with a king card.

Game-play continues until all cards are removed or no more move options are available. Once finished, the player's remaining points are increased by 100 times the number of completed sequential orders that were removed from game play.

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