What Are the Rules for the Game Sequence?

rules-game-sequence Credit: Albert Leung/CC-BY 2.0

Sequence is played by two or three players or by two or three teams. Each player is dealt the same number of cards, and in turn, exposes a card and marks it with a chip on the game board, striving to create a winning sequence of five chips.

Most cards appear twice on the game board. If no open spots remain for a player's card, he must forfeit his "dead" card and select a new card. Each time a player places a marker on the board, he must draw a new card from the draw deck. When failing to do so during his turn, the player continues to play with one fewer card than his opponents.

The eight jacks included in the draw deck don't appear on the game board. Two-eyed jacks are wild, and when presented during a player's turn, can be used to place a marker on any open space on the board. The one-eyed jacks allow a player to remove an opponent's chip from the board, but cannot be used to break an already completed sequence.

The first player or team to achieve the winning number of sequences, determined by the number of players or teams, wins.