What Are the Rules for the Game Bocce?


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The game of bocce features two teams or individuals trying to throw their balls closer to a target ball than the other side. Each round gives one point to the winning side, and games generally go to 12, 15 or 21 points.

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A coin toss decides which side gets to go first. The first thrower begins by rolling or tossing the pallina, a small ball, towards the other end of the playing area. People can play bocce on sand courts, in grass yards or on other surfaces. The person who throws the pallina also throws the first ball for his side, trying to get it as close as possible to the pallina.

The next throw comes from the other side. Teams alternate throwing balls one at a time until all balls are thrown. Aiming at the other team's balls to knock them farther away from the pallina is allowed. The winning side gets a point for each ball closer to the pallina than the other side's nearest ball. In the case of a tie, when each side's closest ball is exactly the same distance from the pallina, neither side receives a point, and the game moves to the next frame. In succeeding frames, teams alternate tossing the pallina and making the first throw.

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