What Are the Rules to the Game 10,000 Dice?

10,000 Dice, which is also known as Farkle, is a family dice game for two or more people. The game uses six die and something to keep score. The game is turn based, and each turn results in a score. The first player to score 10,000 wins the game.

To play the game, a player must throw all six die. Sometimes this is done with a cup. Scoring die must be pulled out after each throw. The player can then throw the remaining die in an effort to collect more scores. However, there is a risk to this. If none of the die score on a throw, then the player has "farkled" and must forfeit all points for that turn. On the other hand, if the player scores on each throw, then the player has "hot dice" and can throw again with the six total die. The player can choose to end a turn after collecting scoring points. The die then pass to the next player usually clockwise from the first player. Once a player scores 10,000 points, the other players usually get one turn each to try and beat that score. If the players do not, the game is over.