What Are the Rules for the Dice Game Zilch?


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Playing the dice game zilch requires two or more players, who roll six dice during their turns. Some zilch game varieties allow players to build on frozen dice with subsequent rolls, while others permit players to challenge one another through multiple turns.

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Players must put aside scoring dice after they roll. A player’s turn continues until there are no more dice to freeze or if the dice do not equal a score. Players should keep track of scoring by recording scores at the end of every turn. The game becomes zilched if no dice equal a score, meaning the player loses the accumulated points. The zilch game ends when a player scores more than 15,000 points.

Failing to score dice for three consecutive turns leads to the loss of 500 points for a player. After accumulating at least 300 points, a player can choose to bank them or continue to roll the dice. Banking means adding the points to the person's score, which ends the player’s turn. Alternatively, the player may choose to continue to roll more scoring dice or zilch them out. A player can reroll any dice that have not scored until all six dice contribute to a score.

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