What Are the Rules for the Dice Game "Farkle"?

The object of "Farkle" is to be the first player to acquire 10,000 points by rolling dice. Each die is worth a certain amount of points. HowDoYouPlayIt.com contains a complete list for the score of each die.

"Farkle" requires at least two people to play, but there is no limit on the number of people that can play. Assign one of the players as a scorekeeper to keep track of every player's score. The game is played in rounds, and at the start of each round the player throws all six dice. The turn is over if the player "Farkled," or if none of the dice can score. If any of the dice do score, place at least one of the scoring dice aside and continue rolling with the rest of the dice. If the player rolls the dice again and none of the dice can score, his turn is over.

If the score of the player is zero, he must continue rolling the dice until he scores 500 points. If the player already has a score, he must score at least 350 points before he makes one of two choices: either keep the points and end his turn, or continue rolling and risk losing all his points. If all six dice score, a player rolls all six dice again to continue his turn.