What Are the Rules for Corn Hole?


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In corn hole, players or teams take turns throwing four beanbags onto their opponents cornhole board. After each team has thrown their bags, the points are tallied and the team with more points earns the difference between their points and their opponent's points. The first team to get at least 21 points wins.

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What Are the Rules for Corn Hole?
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A bag that is thrown through the hole in the opponent's board is called a cornhole and is worth three points. A bag that lands on the board and stays there is called a woody and is worth one point. Any bag that doesn't stay on the board or go through the hole is considered a foul and is zero points. The boards are placed with their front edges 27 feet apart. Next to each board is the pitcher's box, where players stand when throwing their bags. Bags must be thrown underhand, and at least one foot must remain inside the pitcher's box until the bag has landed. The front edge of a player's board is the foul line, which cannot be crossed until that player's throw has landed. Players alternate throwing their bags one at a time. Team play works the same, except each player takes one turn throwing while the other player keeps score.

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