What Are the Rules for Chinese Checkers?


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Chinese Checkers is a game that requires players to move their 10 pegs across the checkers board to the 10 destination spots on the opposite side before their opponents. The game features play for between two and six players and features traditional checkers moves such as hopping over the other players' pieces. However, in this version players, may move their pegs in any direction.

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The board features six triangles, each triangle a different color to coordinate with the pegs. Each triangle features 10 destination holes and surrounds a common playing area. Once a player's peg reaches one of the 10 destination holes in his destination triangle, the player may not move the peg from the triangle area, but may move within the area. Traditionally, players may block their opponents from winning the game by moving one of their own pegs into their opponent's destination triangle.

Variations of the game include three players controlling two sets of 10 pegs; thus, all the pegs and triangles are in play with only three players. Another variation includes allowing players in games with fewer than six players to use the unused triangles as a common playing area. Finally, to prevent players from blocking each other, another variation involves swapping pegs in the destination triangle.

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