What Are the Rules for the Cash Explosion Show?


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The Cash Explosion Show is run in two rounds: Semi-Finals and the Cash Challenge. There are two Semi-Finals, each of which consist of four contestants playing on a game board with nine columns and four rows. After the semi-finals, the winners of each compete against the returning champion from the previous show in the Cash Challenge, played on a game board with 12 spaces.

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In each Semi-Final, a player’s turn begins with the nine columns flashing at random. The player presses his button to choose a column, and then choose one of the four rows to reveal a dollar amount, which is added to his score. Each player takes three turns, after which the player with the highest dollar amount progresses to the Cash Challenge.

The Cash Challenge is contested by the two Semi-Final winners and the returning champion. They are presented with a game board with 12 squares, with each player taking turns to choose a square. The name of each player is hidden under three squares each, and the remaining three squares contain a $25,000 bonus. The first player to have his name uncovered three times is crowned champion, and returns for the next show.

As of 2015, each champion receives winning prize money from $50,000 to $200,000, depending on the amount of wins they have achieved. There is no limit to the number of times a champion can return if he remains undefeated.

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