What Are the Rules for the Card Game Euchre?


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Euchre is played with two to seven players and is a trick-taking game played with a nonstandard deck of 24 to 32 high and suit cards. There's a trump suit played every game, and the highest trump in the suit is the Jack unless there is a Joker.

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What Are the Rules for the Card Game Euchre?
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After a shuffle and a draw, the players with the highest draws are teamed up against the players with the lowest draws. The player with the lowest draw deals clockwise from the left, and each player receives five cards. The dealer places what is left of the pack in the center with the top card turned face up. Any player can accept this card's suit as the trump suit for the game by saying, "I order it up."

The goal is to win at least three tricks out of five. If the team that fixed the trump fails to win at least three tricks, that team is euchered. Besides the Jack or Joker, the highest card in the suit played at the beginning of the round determines the remaining trumps. Each hand is scored, and the winner is the team that scores the predetermined amount of points first, such as five, seven or 10 points.

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