What Are the Rules of Canadian Cribbage?


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Cribbage is a game for two players. The first player to score 121 points wins. There are many specific rules about the score value of different plays, so it is best to have a cribbage rules list handy while playing. There are no cribbage rules specific to Canada.

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Players use a deck of playing cards and a cribbage peg board. Players use the peg board to keep track of their scores. The Ace card is worth one point, cards two through ten are worth face value and the face cards (jack, queen, king) are worth 10 points each.

The players take turns playing a single card at a time. Each player announces the cumulative total of all the cards on the table as she plays. The object is to get the total value of the cards on the table up to 31 points, but not over. The player who plays the last card before going over 31 gets points for that round.

Various combinations, such as playing a card with the same value as the previously played card, or getting to certain value levels, such as playing a card that puts the total value at exactly 15 points, are other ways for players to score during the round.

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