What Are the Rules of Backgammon?


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The purpose of a game of backgammon is to move all of the checkers around the board, gathering all 15 into the home quadrant of the player's color, before bearing off the checkers. The first player to successfully bear off all 15 checkers wins. The rolling of a double die determines the number of triangles a player may move checkers in a given turn. Players move the checkers according to the number showing on the die in any combination.

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Players should always cast the die to the section of the board to their right hand side. If a single checker is left on a point is landed upon by the other color checker, that checker is removed from the board and placed on the bar. The first move of the subsequent turn for the player with the checker on the bar must play that checker back into the other color's home quadrant. Any point occupied by two more checkers may not be landed on by a checker of the opposite color.

There is a cube dice that is thrown to indicate the stakes of the game. This changes the scoring value of the checkers and the wager, should there be one. If a player fails to bear off a single checker prior to their opponent bearing off all 15 checkers, that is an automatic double, with the score of the winning player doubled.

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