What Are Some Rules of 8 Ball Billiards?

What Are Some Rules of 8 Ball Billiards?

Some rules of eight ball billiards include continuous play when players pocket balls, always sticking to the same group and pocketing the eight ball after the rest of the group is gone, according to the World Pool-Billiard Association. Players must also call each ball before they attempt to sink a pocket.

Eight ball is a popular billiard game with simple rules. To start a game, players must set up the balls in a triangular rack. A "lag," which is a single ball shot, determines who makes the first shot. The player who wins the lag gets to break the triangle.

The player who makes the break shot does not have to call any balls. If he pockets a ball, he may continue to play the table. If he pockets the eight ball, he must re-spot it or re-rack the balls. If he fails to sink any balls, the other player can choose to continue to play the table or re-rack the balls.

After the breaking shot, each player must call his balls before attempting to pocket them. The first player to sink a ball must stick to that group for the rest of the game. This means that if a player sinks a striped ball, he must play the striped balls for the rest of the game.

Players must leave the eight ball on the table until the end of the game. If a player pockets the eight ball when other balls in his group remain on the table, he loses the game.