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RPG (role playing game) names can be popular human names like Frank, Tom or Harry, or they can be fantastical names like Ranaduth, Esselmuth or Oreth. Some names of popular role playing games themselves are Dungeons and Dragons, Game of Thrones, Land of the Rising Sun and Middle Earth Role Play.

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To select their RPG name, players can get inspiration from real life, films or books, or they can choose names inspired by history like Viking or Celtic-sounding names. Many players choose names that they feel correspond to the theme of the game while other players choose names that mirror the attributes they want their character to have.

Some players use the same name for every RPG they play. Other players pick a unique name for every character they develop.

As of September 2014, gamers can generate RPG names using Rink Work's Fantasy Name Generator. The generator allows gamers to select the type of name they want using categories such as short, long, mushy, idiotic, Chinese, Hawaiian and many others. For instance, if a gamer specifies that he wants a Pokemon-inspired name, suggestions such as Quaizard, Isuhu and Beefezard would be generated. These names are similar but not identical to Pokemon character names.

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