What Are Some Free RPG Games Online?

What Are Some Free RPG Games Online?

"Marvel Heroes," "Kingdom of Loathing," "Wildstar" and "Tera: Rising" are some free online role-playing games, as of 2015. Some of the RPG games allow individuals to play solo against the game while others are massively multiplayer online role-playing games, where hundreds or thousands of online players team up against other players. The RPG themes vary widely, including classic comic books, medieval lands with magic, science fiction worlds and other fantasy scenarios.

"Marvel Heroes" allows game players to assume the identity of a Marvel comic book hero, including Spider-Man or the Hulk. The characters' abilities match the comic book heroes' strengths and weaknesses, such as Spider-Man being agile and quick while the Hulk is very strong but slow-moving.

"Kingdom of Loathing" is a stick figure fantasyland where players earn points by raiding dungeons and fighting monsters to level up. The game is filled with irreverent humor and interesting characters.

Players can be part of the Dominion Empire or join the rebellious Exiles defending the planet Nexus in "Wildstar." "Wildstar" is a MMORPG that allows many players to form armies and do battle in dynamic combat scenarios. The game incorporates humor and style to attract players.

"Tera: Rising" is another massively multiplayer game that places players as new recruits in the Valkyon Federation Army, helping to defend the mythical land of Argon from invasion and giant monsters.