What Are Royal Doulton Figurines?


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Royal Doulton figurines are some of the most treasured and ornate statues in the market and have a long history of being the "royal" figurine line for all of England. These sculptures are widely collected and prized among enthusiast's not only for their long legacy but also for their excellent craftsmanship.

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What Are Royal Doulton Figurines?
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A history of the Royal Doulton figurine line provided by Grand Dezign, a company focused primarily on Royal Doultons, states that the company was founded in 1815. Started in London by John Doulton, the company was originally set to create sanitary ware and drainpipe. However, a few years went by and the business prospered a great deal, leading John Doulton's son, Henry Doulton, to start a new pottery line.

Recognized by the king for excellent craftsmanship, Henry became the first potter to ever be knighted. This recognition was followed by King Edward VII's demand that the company describe itself as "Royal," thus leading to the name of the company.

The figurines that came after the pottery line caught many people's attention and helped lead the company to a new venue of collectibles and prestigious valuables. As of 2014, the company still makes dolls and carries the "royal" title of a master craftsman business.

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