What Are Some Roller Coaster Builder Games?


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Some free online roller coaster builder games include "Roller Coaster Ride Builder," "Build a Coaster," "Rollercoaster Creator" and "Coolest Coaster Designer Ever," as of 2015. The virtual roller coaster construction franchise "Roller Coaster Tycoon" also features numerous games available on mobile devices and home computers.

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What Are Some Roller Coaster Builder Games?
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The game "Roller Coaster Ride Builder" features various tools that enable teachers to use the game in an educational context, promoting critical thinking skills and creative design, such as restricted access settings and options for monitoring student activity. Discovery Kids' "Build a Coaster" doesn't feature such tools, though it does place the game in a mildly educational context. It features different roller coaster track options and a meter for gauging the amount of fear the coaster produces in those who ride it. "Rollercoaster Creator" and "Coolest Coaster Designer Ever" feature similar options, with different track types for incorporating loops, inclines and falls into the overall ride.

The "Roller Coaster Tycoon" series of games puts the player in the seat of the owner of a roller coaster, thus allowing for the creation of different coasters and accompanying elements. Despite the various versions for different platforms, each game incorporates the same basic gameplay elements of placing tracks and attractions around a park in an attempt to generate as much revenue as possible.

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