What Is a Robux Generator?


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A Robux generator is a hack or cheat for the Roblox massively multiplayer online game that creates one form of the game's currency, Robux, in the user's account without the payment that the company requires. The Roblox Robux Generator website claims the hack-created Robux are indistinguishable from purchased Robux.

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Roblox players create a virtual world in which they explore and socially interact with other players. Tickets are earned through game achievements and can be redeemed for Robux. The players use Robux as in-game currency to acquire items to sell or trade, to change their character's appearance and to improve performance in battle. Roblox offers multiple, paid-subscription options for Builders Club membership and limits some in-game functionality, including the ability to trade items, to Builders Club members only.

Roblox states that Robux are only available through contests and giveaways published on the official Roblox blog or the in-game notification system, game-card redemption, item sales, Builder Club membership and direct purchase. The company warns that other methods of acquiring Robux are spam or phishing schemes that could compromise a user's security and account. It requests that in-game messages, posts and other offers of free Robux be reported to the company through its Report Abuse functionality found throughout the game.

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