What Is the Ring of Fire Drinking Game?


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The Ring of Fire is a drinking game that uses a deck of cards arranged in a ring. Each card number, from ace to king, is assigned a specific rule that the player has to follow upon drawing that card. There are many variations of the game, so the rules can differ quite dramatically.

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In one variation of the game, the dealer spreads the cards out evenly in the ring, ensuring there are no gaps. Then the players take turns drawing a card without creating a gap in the ring. If they do break the ring, then they have to finish their drink.

Another variant involves putting an empty cup in the middle of the ring. Whenever a player draws a king from the deck, they pour some of their drink into this cup, which has to be drunk by whomever draws the fourth king.

Although the card rules usually vary from game to game, there are some quite common ones, such as all female players take a drink whenever someone draws a six. Another common set of rules is that a player must take a drink if she draws a three, but if she draws a two, she gets to make one of the other players drink.

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