What Is the Right Way to Care for Modal Fabric?

right-way-care-modal-fabric Credit: Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Modal fabric must be cared for properly to ensure longevity and enduring usefulness; proper care for clothing and other items made of this fabric requires following the care instructions provided with the garment, because different modal blends may break down or stretch out if it is machine laundered while other modal fabrics can stand up to both machine washing and drying. Modal fabric is a durable, semi-synthetic fabric that is used to make clothing, and it can be manufactured as part of a fabric blend or in purer concentrations. This difference in manufacturing possibilities makes it difficult to assign a precise washing method for all items made of modal.

Modal fabrics that are listed as hand wash only should be gently cleansed in cool water with a mild laundry detergent then gently wrapped in a towel and wrung out prior to being laid on a clean flat surface to dry. Because this is a stretchy fabric, those caring for garments or bed linens made of modal fabrics will want to make sure that any air drying that occurs doesn't happen in such a way as to stretch or otherwise cause the item to become misshapen. For example, modal fabrics shouldn't be dried hanging on a hanger to avoid the possibility of stretching out the neckline and shoulders.