What Are the Riddles in "Batman: Arkham City"?


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In "Batman: Arkham City", the Riddler sets up 440 riddles around the city. Most of these challenges consist of collecting trophies hidden throughout the city by solving some puzzle involving the use of a skill or one of Batman or Catwoman's many gadgets. The riddles can be revealed on the map by interrogating Riddler enemies, marked by a green glow around them.

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There are a total of 11 areas where the riddles are located, including Amusement Mile, Park Row and Wonder City. These puzzles range from perfecting certain movements and the use of gadgets to character puzzles. Certain trophies require the player to play as Catwoman. Some riddles require the player to scan certain objects.

The Riddler tells Batman that he abducted a massive amount of innocent people to use as bait in his traps. Riddler keeps a hidden base, hoping to watch Batman fail to save the people. After the player completes a certain number of riddles, the locations of Riddler's many secret bases are revealed on the map. Once accessed, the player must solve a special puzzle and rescue one of the civilians. After completing all 440 riddles, the player can defeat Riddler and save all of the captives.

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